The entry list for the competition at Ravelston on Thursday 9th August is below.  There are still spaces if you would like to enter.  I am on holiday from 26th  July until 6th August so I would appreciate it if you can enter by the afternoon of the 25th.  Similarly if you are now unable to play please let me know before the 25th.  Thank you

First Name Surname Time
Elizabeth Anderson 2-5
Avril Auchterlonie 2-5
Anne Beedie 2-5
Corinne Blyth 2-5
Anne Boobis 2-5
Jane Browitt 2-5
Ann Brown 6.30pm
Jacky Burnett 2-5
Jane Crispin 2-5
Coleen Derighetti 5-7
Frances Douglas 2-5
Janice Duguid 2-5
Muriel Gilligan 2-5
Valerie Hallam 2-5
Pamela Harrington 2-5
Pat Horn 2-5
Gail Joughin 5-7
Lisa Kilpatrick 2-5
Katy Lessells 2-5
Elaine Lumsden 5-7
Margaret MacConnachie 2-5
Jaci Moriarty 5-7
Audrey Nadan 2-5
Amanda Northridge 2-5
Gill Petrie 2-5
Gillian Pritchard 2-5
Dorothy Silver 2-5
Annette Sutherland 2-5
Hilary Wallace 2-5
Annette Wilson 2-5
Anne Bell  
Pat Horn 2-5
Vivienne Mitchell 2-5
Elsa Todd Np
Barbara McQuillan 5-7
Amy Foster 2-5
Isobel Halliday 2-5
Wendy Nicholson 5-7
Karen Marshall 5-7
Jane Crispin 2-5
Mandy Dougal 5-7
Letty Mackinnon 5-7


9 Hole Competition
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